For those who have the curse of insomnia and sit there in front of your television like a zombie, you have probably run across those infomercials that will make you rich in real estate.The speaker gets you so pumped up that you reach for the phone and order the “System” that will make you tons of money in a matter of days. Over the next few days your so excited about making your riches you start planning how your going to spend all that money.

Finally the day arrives and your package is in the mail, you rip the package open in uncontrollable excitement only to be stumped to find a video or two and a 50 page workbook. “What’s this?” Your excitement starts to damper- your brought to the reality that maybe this wasn’t what you expected.

You pick up the phone and call the number on your kit asking them about the product you just received. “Well sir/madam this is just an introductory kit-for $900 dollars you can attend this seminar to get advanced knowledge by the well known BLAH BLAH.” This is going on all over the country by individuals who pry on unsuspecting people who just want to get ahead.

I’m always being asked “I want to be successful in real estate. How can I do that?” The first thing I tell people is that “They’re is no magic way of becoming successful if you do not have the drive and willingness to succeed.” Nothing that you ever get in this life is given to you without determination to succeed. First step in the process of succeeding in real estate is education. You must know every aspect of the market in order to make it to the big time.

Yes it is possible to focus on a particular part of the industry and make good money. But to be truly successful one must know the ins and outs of the negotiation process, lending process, appraisal process for starts. Your success in real estate is based on your drive to learn just the above processes for starters. So step number one would be education! This is a must-without it your going no where.

Step number two is while your seeking education one must start building a network of contacts. Real estate is a people business. As a Master Note broker I could never be successful without a network of real estate agents,business brokers,financial advisor’s. Without these individuals I would never get the contacts I need to find financial notes in the real estate industry. This goes the same way if your looking to invest in properties, sell properties or rent properties.

If you have the network you will find the properties you are looking for and get the information and contacts you need. I would suggest starting out by joining your local commerce commission, clubs like the Elks, Moose and real estate networking groups. On the net if you use sites like Myspace or Facebook that will also build your contacts Nationally.

The whole process of making it in real estate is a lot more involved with just the two examples I’ve given to you in this article. In articles to come I will give you more tips and tricks for getting into the meat of the industry. Remember there is no magic bullet in the real estate industry, no infomercial product will make you rich overnight. If your truly interested in this industry then take the time to research and use due diligence-because in this industry many crooks will be right there to take your money.

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